The Uncanny Resemblance Between These Two Famous Actors Leave Netizens Confused

Netizens have a hard time telling Son Seok Koo and Park Hae Soo apart

Son Seok Koo and Park Hae Soo bear such a remarkable resemblance that even fans of K-drama occasionally get mixed up.

Park Hae Soo

Many netizens have pointed out the uncanny similarity in the appearances of these two actors. Discussions are buzzing about the strikingly similar features between Son Seok Koo and Park Hae Soo. Some say even though they can distinguish them, admit to noticing the resemblance.

son suk ku

Netizens left comments such as:

  • “Wait, they’re not the same person?”
  • “I thought I was the only one who mixed them up”
  • “I always get confused between these too, especially in photos.”

Park Hae Soo has made a name for himself with his roles in dramas such as “Prison Playbook,” “Money Heist Korea,” and the global sensation “Squid Game.” Meanwhile, Son Seok Koo entered the industry relatively late, at the age of 31, compared to his peers. Nevertheless, he has quickly left his mark, particularly through his leading roles in the series “D.P.” and “My Liberation Notes.”

Source: K14.

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