BTS’s Jimin and his magical moments on stage, is he truly the best dancer in the 3rd Gen?

Fans are shocked when witnessing these unbelievable moments of Jimin (BTS).

BTS has just successfully held 3 nights of the Permission To Dance On Stage concert in their home country of Korea after more than 2 years of delay due to the epidemic. Not disappointing the fans’ expectations, the boys from the global boy group brought extremely quality stages, worthy of the title of top Kpop artists.

BTS Jimin
He was standing and sitting with only one leg, but his butt didn’t even touch the ground

Among the members, Jimin is going viral on social media thanks to his smooth and professional performance skills. While the moment the male idol skillfully handled the incident on stage by turning the fall into the Black Swan choreography still remains hot, netizens recently discovered another amazing clip proving that Jimin has many talents.

Specifically, while walking around the stage to interact with the audience in the middle of the performance, Jimin suddenly squatted down with only one leg while still in a cross-legged position like sitting on a real chair. 

.Looks like gravity also surrenders to Jimin!

Netizens were extremely amazed by Jimin’s “invisible chair”, wondering how he managed to balance in such a difficult position. It is worth mentioning that when standing up, the BTS member still keeps his other foot from touching the ground, making everyone shocked.

BTS Jimin
Jimin’s the invisible box challenge caused a storm on social media

As one of the 2 main dancers of BTS, Jimin has always been known as the top dancing idol in Kpop 3rd generation. This is not the first time the male idol has caused a fever with the “zero-gravity” moment. 

BTS Jimin
He often takes on difficult choreography…

Earlier at the reality show Run BTS, Jimin was the only member to succeed in the invisible box challenge, proving his flexibility that is hard to match. In addition, he often takes on difficult choreography, flying in the air for instance.

BTS Jimin
.. that requires an extremely flexible body.

However, at many moments in real life, Jimin is famous for his clumsiness around chairs. The male idol has many times fallen off the chair he was sitting on, bringing laughter to ARMYs. 

BTS Jimin

That’s why the moment Jimin sat on the “invisible chair” on stage surprised netizens. Fans laughed at this moment because he would always fall down sitting in a real chair, but the invisible chair was a piece of cake. 

BTS Jimin
BTS Jimin
He’s so cool on stage, but in real life, Jimin is really clumsy around chairs
BTS Jimin
He doesn’t sit well on real chairs, but is so stable on invisible one!

Some comments:

  • Oh so funny Jimin-hyung, you don’t sit well on real chairs, but why are you so stable on invisible one?
  • Awesome, he is even defying gravity. Jimin is the most talented idol I’ve ever seen. He has the strength and flexibility of a top dancer in Kpop 3rd gen.
  • This is another proof that gravity doesn’t work on Jimin.
  • It’s funny how Jimin always falls off his real chair but stays stable in an invisible chair. How does that work?
  • Official news: Jimin said goodbye to the normal chair and switched to the zero gravity chair.
BTS Jimin
It’s been many years since debut, but fans have never stopped being surprised by Jimin’s talent


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