T-ARA Hyomin x BIGBANG G-Dragon x BTS: art exhibition suddenly became a star-studded award ceremony?

Hyomin recently posted her latest update where G-Dragon made a surprising appearance

On June 23rd, Hyomin, a member of T-ARA, posted a photo of her visit to an exhibition on Instagram. Here, Hyomin met the man behind all the artworks – American architect and sculptor Tom Sachs. 

T-ARA Hyomin’s photo of G-Dragon

BIGBANG G-Dragon was also present at the scene. Hyomin took a photo of G-Dragon’s back while looking at the work, tagged his SNS account, and posted the picture on her Instagram. In the photo, G-Dragon was bent down, displaying a serious manner while listening intensely to the explanation of an artwork. 

G-Dragon’s photo of himself on his personal Instagram 
The male idol’s simple yet stylish fashion

G-Dragon himself also shared photos taken on the same day. In particular, the male idol posted several photos of himself admiring the work on Instagram, drawing attention for his simple yet extremely stylish fashion. 

Tom Sachs with BTS Suga and J-Hope

On the other hand, the artist behind the exhibition, Tom Sachs, also posted a photo with BTS members Suga and J-Hope. Tom’s display has been on show at the Sunjae Art Center and HYBE Insight Museum since June 22nd. Another exhibition by Tom will commence at Thadeus Lopak Gallery Seoul starting June 25th. 

Source: nate

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