The truth behind V and Jung-kook’s throwing and catching card scene during BTS’s “Butter” performance at the Grammys

Many fans got fooled by the amazing collaboration of V and Jung-kook. 

This picture is a screenshot of “Butter” performance presented by BTS at the Grammy Awards on the 4th of last month. BTS didn’t win any awards on that day but their appearance was so extraordinary. BTS members appeared in the audience seats and even had an interview in the middle of the performance.

British media BBC also selected BTS for the Best Moments of the Grammy Awards. It was thanks to the scene in the picture, the moment when V and Olivia Rodrigo were seen together during the performance of “Butter. However, the Korean media site The Hankyoreh picked the throwing and receiving scene of V and Jung-kook as the most impressive moment.

BTS Grammy 2022

Ahead of the release of BTS’s 9th-anniversary album, Hankyoreh introduced the behind story of V and Jungkook’s card throwing performance. On the Grammys stage, V and Jungkook showed an amazing performance of throwing and receiving a card. The fact that V and Jung-kook actually threw and caught it by themselves made people wonder “Did they throw and get it for real?”, “How long had they practiced for that performance?”, etc.

It was on BTS”s V Live broadcast shortly after the Grammys that ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) got to know about the truth behind that scene. V threw a card, but Jung-kook caught another card separately. However, if they hadn’t matched the timing of their throwing and receiving movements with each other, the performance wouldn’t have been that smooth. The performance was so good that even ARMYs were fooled. 

BTS Grammy 2022

What’s more surprising is that BTS practiced together as a whole group with 7 members only once the day before the awards ceremony. In addition, the story about Olivia Rodrigo and V’s scene was also revealed. It was when Olivia Rodrigo showed a shocking expression after V whispered something to her. Their chemistry was so good that many people thought it was a pre-prepared collaboration. Accordingly, the two met only once during the rehearsal on the morning of that day. Since both were too busy, they actually had no time for dísscussion or practice but still created a legendary scene. 

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