The tragic life of Coco Lee: 9 failed IVFs, cheated on by husband, and final years in sickness

Coco Lee experienced many physical and mental pains behind the limelight.

On July 5, Coco Lee was announced dead, at the shock of fans across Asia. She was a famous Asian-American singer with a powerful singing voice and stunning visual along with an attractive physique. Behind the limelight, Coco had to deal with marriage tragedies and many health issues. She battled with depression and, unfortunately, lost the fight. 

A tragic marriage with a cheating husband

In 2011, Coco Lee tied the knot with the Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz in a luxury wedding that cost 10 million USD. They were 18 years apart. Bruce had an ex-wife and two kids from his previous marriage. The grand wedding gathered stars such as Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Zhang Ziyi, Jackie Chan, and Gong Li, to name a few.

coco lee with husband
Coco Lee and Bruce Rockowitz in their wedding

Coco maintained a close relationship with Bruce’s two grown children; in return, they also loved her dearly. In 12 years of marriage, the Hong Kong-born singer admitted to having undergone in-vitro fertilization (IVF) 9 times, but none of which succeeded. Bruce also cheated on the singer twice and blamed her to for his wrongdoing. Coco’s stepdaughters also grew more distant. At one point, the “A Love Before Time” singer only weighed 42 kilograms due to deteriorating physical health.

coco lee with husband

Coco announced her separation from Bruce at the beginning of 2023, putting a temporary stop to a marriage that left her with many physical and mental trauma. At the end of 2022, the singer said it was an extremely difficult year for her.

Final years drowning in illness

Coco Lee grew frail and skinny due to her declining health. The singer lost her confidence and her well-known sexiness. The singer reportedly underwent two operations on the waist area and on her leg.

Coco Lee
The singer-songwriter only weighed 42 kilograms

The American singer had a defect since birth that causes pain when she moved despite going through an operation when she was 2. Nonetheless, the singer strove forward to follow her dream. In February, the pain lingered on and forced Coco to take another surgery. On social media, Coco shared her worries, saying that she was afraid she could not dance like before after the surgery. Nonetheless, the singer cheered herself up and constantly worked to be able to walk again.

Coco lee
Coco looked feeble and weakened in the final years of her life

After the surgery, fans encouraged Coco to take more rest to fully recover, and they were willing to wait for her comeback. 2023 marks Coco Lee’s 30th year in the entertainment industry. On July 2, the singer left an audio message to thank her supporters and wish them well. Sadly, it was announced the actress took her own life. She passed away at the age of 48.

Source: Weibo, Sina 

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