Once accused of “attitude problems”, Jang Won Young now woos people with her sweet demeanor

IVE member Jang Won Young has been receiving a lot of praise for her gentle action towards staff, fans, and group members.

Since before her debut with IVE, Jang Won Young has always attracted a lot of attention from the public with her outstanding visuals and immense “celebrity presence”. Unfortunately, haters also accused the female idols of all sorts of “attitude problems”, making non-fans have a harsh opinion on the female idol. Recently however, Jang Won Young has turned the situation around with her kind and sweet demeanor towards everyone around her.

As a brand ambassador, Jang Won Young drew attention with her chic appearance while going to France to attend the Miu Miu fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week. Here, she received a lot of praise for her confident English skill and high emotional intelligence – having prepared a gift for the founder of Miu Miu. 

In the past, haters accused Jang Won Young of having an “attitude” towards fellow members. However, the female idol actually takes really good care of her group mates. During a performance, she was extremely concerned and worried when Gaeul wasn’t on stage, and spoke up when Gaeul faced equipment trouble. She also communicated with staff members to delay the performance to wait for Gaeul. 

In June 2022, a video recording the moment of Wonyoung and her manager at the stadium was widely shared on SNS. The female idol asked her manager if he had eaten. As soon as she heard the answer no, she immediately took a piece of fried chicken and gave it to him.

Not only that, but Wonyoung also kept the habit of asking fans if they had eaten at the fansign for many years. Although the action was small, many fans were touched by Wonyoung’s warm concern for them.

During LOVE DIVE promotions, Wonyoung was once injured on the set when Leeseo accidentally stepped on her knee while dancing. Although it seemed painful, Wonyoung continued to perform professionally until the scene was over. Another time, when performing on the stage of Kpop Click Festival on January 15, despite her bleeding knee, Wonyoung maintained a calm attitude and successfully completed her performance.

Source: K14

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