Kang Dong-won Was Once Mistaken For Another Actor By Korean Mart Employee In The US

Amid the popularity of “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman”, netizens recall an old anecdote about Kang Dong-won

In the past, Kang Dong-won revealed his daily life with his best friends through a reality program called “Kang Dong-won & friends” on the YouTube channel “monotube”.

Kang Dong-won

At that time, Kang Dong-won went grocery shopping at a Korean mart overseas with his friends. Upon seeing Kang Dong-won, a female employee at the mart looked excited and greeted them, “Oh, it’s Jang Dong-gun”.

The employee actually mistook Kang Dong-won for actor Jang Dong-gun

Kang Dong-won was embarrassed due to the unexpected situation but he did not show it and responded to the employee with a bright smile.

Kang Dong-won

Seeing that, Kang Dong-won’s friends jokingly said, “Hey Jang Dong-gun, come out here quickly”. Later, the employee realized that it was Kang Dong-won, not Jang Dong-gun. She immediately corrected her words, saying “Ah! You’re Kang Dong-won. I’m sorry. I got confused”.

The video is being brought up as Kang Dong-won recently made hot topics with his new film “Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman”. 

Kang Dong-won

“Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman” tells about fake exorcist Dr.Cheon (Kang Dong-won) who cannot see ghosts but solves cases with ghost-like insight and is commissioned for a powerful possession case that he has never experienced before.

According to the Korean Film Council on the morning of September 29th, the film attracted 190,377 viewers on the second day of its release and remains at the top of the box office chart.


Source: Insight

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