Park Bom, who made fans worried about her recent appearance, delivered surprising news

Singer Park Bom, who recently caused anxiety with her recent appearance, released a new song after overcoming “health abnormalities.”

On the 1st, Park Bom‘s agency, D-Nation, announced the release of her new song on its official Instagram, saying, “Park Bom’s ‘Remembered’ can be heard on all music sites at 6 p.m. today.”

As it is a period of national mourning due to the Itaewon disaster, Park Bom quietly released her new song without any special publicity.

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Currently, the entertainment and cultural circles are also participating in the mourning of the accident by canceling scheduled events and delaying broadcasts.

Park Bom’s agency said in an announcement, “I would like to thank the fans for always supporting our artist Park Bom. As a sign of participation and remembrance of the current national mourning period, D-Nation Entertainment will not conduct its own publicity and media activities in relation to the release of this song.”

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“Park Bom’s ‘Remembered’ is a song with the theme of ‘memory’, reminiscing and longing for you who were beautiful but painful. I sincerely mourn the great pain of the bereaved families and the country and express my deep consolation,” said the company. 

Some days before, Park Bom performed at the ‘Pop Festival 2022’ concert in Manila, Philippines. However, Park Bom, who made headlines for losing 11kg, appeared to have gained weight, raising concerns among fans.

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As the reaction that there was something wrong with Park Bom’s health grew, the agency announced through a number of media outlets, “There is nothing wrong with her health. She’s currently exercising to lose weight.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment reporter last month, mentioned Park Bom’s current situation and health through a YouTube channel. Accordingly, Park Bom had been taking medications prescribed for the treatment of ADD (attention deficit disorder).

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Park Bom is currently working hard to lose weight. Fans are sending warm support saying that it is good to regain the former appearance for health, but her current appearance is also pretty enough.

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