The “Squid Game” craze in France: themed pop-up store opens in Paris

The “Squid Game” pop-up store was opened for 2 days with a never-ending waiting line excited to experience the games. 

The “Squid Game” craze has spread all over the place in France. The popularity of this drama could be realized at the pop-up store opened in the middle of Paris’s downtown for 2 days from October 2. An ‘explosion’ of popularity within 2 weeks of its release, “Some people have waited since the night before”

At 11:40 AM on October 3 (local time), 12 people were playing the honeycomb game in a hurry on the first basement floor of a café in Paris, France.

Each person held a wooden toothpick in one hand, and in the other, they had a round silver case containing a umbrella, star, triangle or circle shaped dalgona.

When the game host, who wore a pink jumpsuit and covered all his face with a black mask, announced that there were only 10 seconds left, a player poured out a sigh, “Ah, I’m almost done!”

On the 2nd day, which was the last opening day of “Squid Game” experience event, the front of the pop-up store was literally crowded. At 11 AM, people started to line up across the pop-up store. The line broke the alley twice and we had to walk about 250m to see the end of it. The last people to line up had to wait at least a few hours. It rained heavily in Paris from the previous day to the morning of that day, but those who gathered to experience the “Squid Game” were poised to wait for hours regardless of the weather.

squid game pop-up store
A long line in front of the pop-up store of Netflix’s “Squid Game” 
squid game pop-up store
Staff dressed as game hosts greeted visitors at the pop-up store for “Squid Game” on Oct

On the first floor of the pop-up store where a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people can enter, several props were put in front of the background of “Squid Game” for visitors to wear masks and take commemorative photos.

Going down one floor of the café following the instructions of the game hosts, people could experience the 2nd survival game of “Squid Game”, the honeycomb drawing game.

In the drama, the players are given 10 minutes, but here they only had 1 minute and 30 seconds to finish the challenge. If they picked out the exact shape within the time limit, they could get a free monthly pass on Netflix as a gift.

squid game pop-up store
“Honeycomb drawing game.” Do you want to try it?

Lena (16), who had not yet finished watching “Squid Game”, still thinks it’s really cool after hearing the news on social media that a pop-up store will be opened.

Akito (27) and Daiya (29), who visited the pop-up store with Lena, also said, “I had an interesting experience,” and “The tension and actions of the survival game are the charms of “Squid Game”.”

The time to stay in the pop-up store was less than 10 minutes at most, but the people who come out consistently praised, “I can’t believe it” and “It was so much fun.”

squid game pop-up store
Visitors of the “Squid Game” pop-up store in Paris, France.

Akito (27, left), Lena (16, center), and Daiya (29, right), who visited the pop-up store of Netflix’s original Korean series “Squid Game” at a cafe in district 2 of Paris, France on the morning of the 3rd (local time), pose with Dalgona.

Netflix’s original Korean series “Squid Game” experience pop-up store at a cafe in district 2 of Paris, France, on the morning of October 2nd to 3rd (local time). 

Anriz Menard, who is in charge of promoting Netflix France, explained in a telephone interview with Yonhap News Agency, “The series “Squid Game” is so popular in France that we prepared for such an event.” He said, “The Korean drama ‘Squid Game’ is on track for the most successful series in Netflix history. I can’t count how many people have visited the pop-up store, but it was just Wow.”

An official who stood guard in front of the pop-up store said that since the night before, some people even had slept in front of the cafe and lined up early in the morning.

“Squid Game”, released on September 17th, depicts a survival game with 45.6 billion won in prize money, featuring actors Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-yeon, Wi Ha-joon, Oh Young-soo, Heo Sung-tae, and Anupam Tripathi.

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