The accuser, who claimed to be bullied by a dancer on “Street Woman Fighter”, deleted the accusation post due to a rebuttal

Recently, a new face claiming to be a classmate of the dancer in the bullying controversy has just uploaded a rebuttal of the accusation.

On September 3, a person uploaded a post on an online community titled “I was harassed by a friend who is appearing on Mnet’s show ‘Street Woman Fighter’“.


The writer stated in the post: “That friend bullied me from elementary school to middle school. Whether she did it intentionally or not, I was hurt a lot by her behaviors.”

The accuser added, “I was made fun of, and she called me ‘pig’ many times. I was bullied so much that even my teacher knew everything, from the way she looked at me, how he treated me, to her comment saying I smelled bad. Only when I became a high school student was I able to get away from the friend who bullied me.”

The writer also posted a picture of their elementary and middle school’s yearbooks as evidence and said, “I was surprised after watching ‘Street Woman Fighter’ on Mnet and have worried a lot before posing this accusation.”


However, another person claiming to be a classmate at the same middle school appeared and posted a rebuttal recently. This person said, “It was told that the bullying case was so famous to the point that everyone in my school knew who bullier was, but I didn’t remember anyone like that.”

After that, the accusation post was immediately deleted.

Netizens believe that the identity of the accused female dancer is PROWDMON Hyeily based on the year and name on the yearbook that the author posted.
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