The secrets of MAMA 2018: BTS is treated like kings and the alarming issue of sasaeng

MAMA 2018’s behind-the-scenes story in Hong Kong was first revealed by David Kim, a Youtuber, who recently had the opportunity to become a backstage worker.

MAMA 2018 has passed more than 2 weeks but recently, a Korean Youtuber – David Kim revealed the story behind this Asian awards ceremony. In the 30-minute video, David Kim shared a bit of the artist during the event, especially BTS.

Kim said that although he knew that BTS was popular, he was quite surprised by the huge number of fans appearing at MAMA 2018. Although they are world stars, BTS was extremely friendly with the staff behind the scenes. The members bowed to everyone, and David was impressed with J-Hope for his politeness. The atmosphere in the BTS lounge is also very good. The younger members will make the older brothers smile.

BTS also received the best treatment from the organizers. MAMA arranged a floor in the luxury hotel for the group to rest, the security team was tight, and they also conducted a thorough review to avoid the case of hidden cameras. After MAMA ends, BTS is allowed to return to rest without joining the “Ending Party” to ensure the health of the group due to a dense schedule.

While trying to keep BTS’s security and privacy to the maximum, the Sasaeng fans of the group still managed to get into the hotel. Kim said that BTS only had two hours to bathe and board the plane back home after the show ended. Unfortunately, the hotel information was leaked out. David Kim is assigned to review the situation outside. Then the situation was even more horrific: “Just walking outside, I met a girl wearing Tata’s hair, and she asked every housemaid to find out where the BTS was showering. When I stepped into the elevator, there were some people waiting inside but they did not do anything. Because if you wanted to go up, you needed a staff card to check the magnetic card then dial the floor number. Right after I pressed the floor number, a quick girl pressed the right number of floors where BTS was in.”

David Kim also shared a few stories about Wanna One, IZ * ONE, Chungha … and said that in order to organize such a big event, staff took 2 months to prepare.

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