The different rankings of BLACKPINK’s individual fanbase on Melon

After the other members have all gone solo, now all attention is on Jisoo, analyzing enough factors to predict the explosive level when she decided to go on her own way.

A post on a Korean online forum gave a negative rating for Jisoo. Based on the number of individual fans of BLACKPINK on the current Melon digital music site, Jennie and Rosé prove their position as the members with the largest number of Korean fans in the group, Lisa ranked third and Jisoo was the visual who are very popular with Korean people, but ranked at the bottom of the list. This inferior position of Jisoo makes the post owner doubt the possibility of success if she goes solo with such low popularity.

Melon is one of the biggest and most important digital music sites in Korea. Therefore, the data on Melon will reflect a lot about the popularity of singers and songs in the land of kimchi. Jennie and Rosé both had successful hits, reaching high rankings on Korean charts. So it is not difficult to understand when these two girls lead the group in terms of the number of individual fans on Melon.

Below is an estimate of the number of followers of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa on Melon.

1st place: Rosé – Over 45,000 followers

2nd place: Jennie – Over 38,000 followers

3rd place: Lisa – Over 16,000 followers

4th place: Jisoo – Over 14,000 followers

So we can see that Rosé is currently the most followed BLACKPINK member on Melon. This is quite surprising because many people think that Jennie is the member that will have the highest number of followers due to her successful solo debut with the hit ‘SOLO’. However, it seems that Rosé’s solo debut is very popular in Korea and it helps BLACKPINK’s main vocal to have more than 45,000 accounts to follow.

The person ranked last is the eldest sister, Jisoo. However, contrary to the opinion of the post’s owner, most of Knet’s opinions felt that this position was nothing to worry about, and even though that Jisoo… was too good. The reason is that the remaining members have all released individual products, so it is natural to have a large number of fans who love them on the digital music site. Jisoo hasn’t released any songs yet but already has more than 14,000 fans, waiting like that is amazing.

Some comments from Knet:

  •  It seems that Jisoo is less popular than the other members so I’m worried about her solo debut.
  •  There are a lot of idiots here. It’s clear that the number of fans following them will increase after they release their solo track. I think Jisoo is even more amazing, she even already has 14,000 followers without any solo song.
  •  Jisoo hasn’t debuted solo yet but already has so many followers!!  It’s ridiculous to think she’ll fail just because of the number of followers.
  •  Of course Jennie and Rosé have a lot of fans, and Jisoo hasn’t debuted solo yet ㅋㅋ
  •  Yesterday Jisoo’s followers were in 3rd place, but now she’s in last place with 0 songs. I think YG should promote her as a K-pop idol.
  • I think Jisoo is the most unpopular.  How can Jisoo make a solo debut?
  •  Wow, does Jisoo have her own channel on Melon? I didn’t even know it was created; I think she has to debut solo to have her own profile channel.  I will follow her channel immediately.
  •  There is a big difference, Jisoo will have a hard time when she debuts solo.
  •  Honestly, looking at Lisa makes me more worried about Jisoo. She is much less popular than Lisa. Maybe this debut will be very difficult!
  •  Wow, Rosé’s is even higher than Jennie’s!!
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