The scale of IU’s concerts has been growing dramatically since her debut 

Since her debut, singer and actress IU has been attracting more and more fans and holding larger-scale concerts. 

The changes in the scale of IU’s concerts are attracting attention. In particular, IU started with a venue of 4,000 seats, only for the scale to expand to over 10 times, based on her concert, “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun”, which was held last year. 


In particular, IU’s first concert was held at Kyung Hee University Peace Hall in 2012. At that time, the seating capacity of about 4,000 seats was completely filled with audience members.

In the following years, her concerts took place at the Olympic Handball Stadium in 2016 with a capacity of about 4,500 seats, and at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium with 6,000 seats in the following year.

IU’s concert scale started to grow even bigger in 2018 with the Gymnastics Stadium. At that time, IU filled the 11,000-seat Gymnastics Stadium and interacted with the audience. Later, she expanded to 15,000 seats by fully opening the Gymnastics Stadium in 360 degrees.


The most recent concert was “The Golden Hour – Under the Orange Sun” held at the Seoul Jamsil Main Stadium in September last year. In this venue, which can accommodate over 45,000 spectators, IU drew a total of over 85,000 attendees over two days, proving her status as a top solo artist.

Jamsil Main Stadium is the largest concert venue in Korea. It has been a stage for top-tier artists such as Cho Yong Pil, Psy, and BTS, and IU gained even more attention as the first female artist to perform there.

Seeing the continuous growth of IU’s concert scale, fans are expressing enthusiastic reactions such as “Now IU’s concerts are impossible to get tickets for” and “A concert I must attend before I die.”

Source: Insight

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