The Reply 1988 couple reunited, netizens looked back at the moment when Hyeri “fell in love” with Park Bo Gum in front of her real boyfriend Ryu Jun Yeol

The reunion of the couple Park Bo Gum – Hyeri after 5 years made people excited

Yesterday, Hyeri posted a new image on her personal page and quickly made people excited. In the photo, Hyeri and actor Park Bo Gum lean on each other’s shoulders. The actress born in 1994 shared the photo with the hashtag “Record of Youth,” and the caption, “With superstar Sa Hye Joon.”

It is known that Hyeri made a cameo appearance on the October 19 episode of “Record of Youth”. This is the first time after 5 years since Reply 1988 ended, the Choi Taek – Duk Sun couple had the opportunity to reunite. Although Park Bo Gum did not appear in the same scene with Hyeri, this intimate photo was enough to make netizens crazy.By the way, the old moments between Hyeri and Park Bo Gum also became a hot topic. 

It is known that Hyeri – Park Bo Gum was interested by netizens because of their sweet “chemistry” in “Reply 1988”. But in 2017, Hyeri publicly dated with Ryu Jun Yeol, who played the supporting male role in that movie. A series of love photos between Park Bo Gum and Hyeri in front of her real boyfriend were also found by viewers. At that time, Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol were in love, but they had not revealed their relationship yet. However, there were rumors that Hyeri and Park Bo Gum were dating. It turns out that Park Bo Gum just played “the supporting role” in this love affair.

It’s been 5 years since the drama ended, the cast of Reply 1988 in general and Park Bo Gum – Hyeri are still close friends in real life, often gathering to hang out when they have free time. Record Of Youth, Park Bo Gum’s last drama before his enlistment, is currently receiving a positive response from audiences.

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