Fans are worried about TWICE’s health and criticize JYP after seeing the members look exhausted during MV filming

In the behind-the-scenes video of the latest MV, TWICE members clearly show their fatigue. Fans get mad at JYP’s treatment of the group. 

At 1 PM KST on October 1, TWICE’s first full English MV titled “The Feels” was officially released. With this comeback, TWICE has achieved success beyond expectations when the group made their first debut in Billboard Hot 100 at No.83. Up to now, TWICE is the 4th Kpop idol group to enter this prestigious chart, besides Wonder Girls, BTS and BLACKPINK.

TWICE’s The Feels
twice billboard
TWICE first entered Billboard with The Feels

To achieve this result TWICE has worked tirelessly and made fans concerned about the girls’ health. Specifically, on October 14, JYP released a making video of “The Feels” MV, including many scenes where the members sat down while looking worn out after performing the choreography in the MV.

The members looked pretty during MV filming 
TWICE’s synchronized choreography 

To have the perfect dancing footage for The Feels MV, TWICE had to record many times a day. Therefore, by the end of the day, the members were exhausted. Dahyun stood with her hands against the wall and took a deep breath. The maknae Tzuyu stood still with a tired expression. Chaeyoung sat down looking fatigued. 

Momo used a short break to get some rest
Dahyun and Chaeyoung couldn’t hide their tiredness 
Maknae Tzuyu looked equally breathless 

Noticing the members’ tiredness, Mina tried to lighten up the atmosphere at the filming set by showing some funny dance moves. Thanks to Mina’s adorable actions, TWICE members had a good laugh and got their energy back. TWICE continued to shoot the MV and complete the difficult part well.

Mina brought positive energy while the members were tired 
TWICE successfully completed the dancing parts for the MV

So far, 9 JYP girls have had a productive year when they have continuously made comebacks within only 3 months with 3 singles “Alcohol-Free”, “Perfect World” and “The Feels“. 

The Japanese album was also released
Currently, the girls are busy with the release of their 1st Full English single 

Not stopping there, in the upcoming schedules revealed at the end of The Feels MV, fans are surprised to see that this October, the group will have a week to celebrate their 6th debut anniversary. In November, they will have a second comeback of the year in Korea with a full album, and at the same time holding their 4th tour.

TWICE’s upcoming schedules are revealed in The Feels MV

Of course, fans always want their idols to be actively engaged in different activities to release new music and content. However, with such a heavy workload, packed schedules including practice, preparation, and performances that TWICE is going through, fans can’t help but feel sorry for the girls and worried about their health. Fans have also repeatedly expressed their disappointment at JYP’s inconsiderate treatment of their artists. 

Source: k14

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