The police plan to charge the safety manager at Psy’s concert with professional negligence resulting in the death of a foreign worker

The police have launched a full-fledged investigation into the incident in which a foreign worker fell and died in the process of demolishing the structure of Psy’s “Soak Show” concert hall. 

Gangneung Police Station, which is investigating the case, is securing witness statements to complete the general defense process for A, who died in the incident, and will soon summon concert officials and employees of the demolition company to investigate whether there were any safety problems.


On August 1st, the police said, “First, the government plans to investigate the subcontracting structure in detail to determine the people responsible for safety management, then summon those involved in the case on charges of professional negligence resulting in death through a corroborative investigation.”

Earlier at around 3:50 p.m on July 31st, A, a man from Mongolia in his 20s who was working on demolishing the structure of Psy’s “Soak Show” concert hall at Gangneung Stadium, fell 15 meters down. Found in a cardiac arrest state, A was urgently taken to a nearby hospital but eventually died. 

The police are investigating whether A, who was working on the demolition in the rain, slipped on the structure and fell. A is known to have been employed by an outsourcing company.


At 6 p.m on July 30th, Psy’s “Soak Show” concert was held at Gangneung Stadium. All 25,000 seats of the concert were sold out.

The Serious Accidents Punishment Act, which took effect in January, stipulates that management managers of businesses with 50 or more employees should be punished in the event of a serious industrial accident because they do not fulfill their obligations to secure safety and health of their employees. If more than one death occurs due to the industrial accident, he or she will be sentenced to imprisonment for more than one year or fined up to 1 billion won.


However, the Serious Accidents Punishment Act applies to construction companies that carry out construction worth more than 5 billion won.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor reportedly judged that the severe disaster punishment law could not be applied, believing that the facility cost of Psy’s “Soak Show” performance was less than 5 billion won.


“We’re sorry to tell you the sad news,” said Psy’s agency, P-NATION. “We are so aware of the efforts of the staff who work hard in places that we can see that this accident is even more heartbreaking to us. We will do our best to take care of the last trip on this side of the world of the deceased.” The agency added, “We will take a responsible attitude to come up with measures and prevent recurrence to prevent this from happening anymore.”

Source: nate

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