Intern killer in “Kill Boksoon” turned out to be a male juvenile offender in “Juvenile Justice”

Netflix’s movie “Kill Boksoon”, which was released on March 31st, maintains the third place in the viewing rankings worldwide.

Aside from Korea, it maintains the top spot in Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Jeon Do Yeon Kill Boksoon

“Kill Boksoon” is an action thriller film in which Gil Bok Soon (Jeon Do Yeon) raises her middle schooler daughter and works as a killer.

The story receives mixed reactions, but the favorable reviews for the cast’s acting skills continue.

This is because a large number of actors with impressive acting skills, including Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Hwang Jung Min, Esom and Koo Kyo Hwan, appear in the movie.

Jeon Do Yeon Kill Boksoon

In particular, interest in actor Lee Yeon is high. In “Kill Boksoon”, Lee Yeon plays Kim Yeong Ji, a promising trainee at MK. ENT, who shows a strong chemistry with Jeon Do Yeon.

Seeing Lee Yeon, netizens showed reactions such as “I pay attention to her because she’s good at acting, but where did I see her?”, “She looks familiar”…

Crash Course in Romance

It turned out that Lee Yeon played the role of Baek Seong Woo, a 13-year-old male juvenile offender, in Netflix’s drama “Juvenile Justice”.

She showed a great performance despite playing a male character. Baek Seong Woo, who was on trial for murdering an elementary school student, laughed horrifically and told the judge (Kim Hye Soo), who hates juvenile offenders, “I heard that if you’re younger than 14, you won’t go to prison even if you kill someone. Is that true?”

Crash Course in Romance

Many people were shocked that she played the role of a middle school male student at the age of 28.

Netizens left comments such as “Wow, a woman in her mid-20s can play the role of a teenage boy”, “It’s a real twist”, “This character transformation is beyond imagination”, and so on.

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon played Ahn Soo Jin, Ahn Joon Ho (Jung Hae In)’s younger sister, in Netflix’s drama “D.P.”. Recently, she has been on a roll after playing Jeon Do Yeon’s younger counterpart in tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance”.

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