The idol couple with a 13-year age gap are expecting their second child

Fans across Asia are congratulating the idol couple on the good news.

In November 2016, former Crayon Pop member Soyul and H.O.T’s leader Moon Hee Jun officially tied the knot. The couple was criticized for lying and insistently denying the rumors of a shotgun wedding. However, despite the pressure from public opinion, the two still live very happily and together raise the little princess.

Recently, the idol couple officially announced good news to fans. Soyul posted a video on YouTube titled “JamJam (the daughter’s name) has a younger brother” as an announcement that she is pregnant with her second child. Moon Hee Jun also reminded her daughter Hee Yool, “Now you have a younger brother. Playing with him will be much more fun than playing alone. Your friends are very jealous of you.”

The leader of H.O.T also revealed that his wife was suffering from severe morning sickness. Soyul only eats bread and milk. Previously, when she was pregnant with her first child, the female idol could only eat rice and tuna. After the video was posted, fans all over Asia were congratulating the couple.

5 years ago, the couple welcomed their little princess JamJam
5 years ago, the couple welcomed their little princess JamJam
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