The husband of this “Squid Game” actress is her biggest fan as he keeps doing this

This actress struggles because her husband keeps uploading about her on social media.

Kim Joo-ryeong, one of the main characters of the drama “Squid Game.” She graduated from Dongguk University’s Department of Theater and Film in 1976 and made her debut in 2000 with the movie “Youth.” Since then, she has participated in many works as a big scene stealer. People even say it’s faster to find a work that she didn’t appear in than one that she starred in.

Kim Joo-ryeong, who is entering her 12th year of marriage this year, once mentioned about her two-year-younger husband, a professor at Texas State University.

She was very proud of her husband, saying that she was able to endure a long period of being an underdog in the industry because of what he said.

Her husband told her, “Objectively you are a really good actress, and it’s not because I love you that I’m saying this. Don’t forget that you are a good actress and don’t be swayed by any circumstances.”

kim joo ryeong

Kim Joo-ryeong also made people envious by revealing her daily life with her husband and her 9-year-old daughter. At the university where her husband is working, students who take his lectures talked a lot about “Squid Game,” once again making her realize her popularity in the United States.

Kim Joo-ryeong told her husband to be humble, saying, “Don’t get too excited at times like this.”

kim joo ryeong

But… It is said that he was caught being so proud of his wife as he uploaded photoshoots and interviews of Kim Joo-ryeong on his social media account.

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