5 famous Korean female stars say no to guest roles on TV

The cameo role – guest is a rather special type of role when it usually only appears for a few minutes in each work, with the main role being to create a highlight only. 

Although it does not contribute to changing the plot of the movie, the cameo role still receives a lot of attention, because in most of the current Korean dramas, the people who play the guest roles are most famous names. never mind. However, there are still 5 famous female stars below who say no to this type of role. Let’s find out who it is.

Go Hyun Jung

Filmed her first movie in 1990 and has been 31 years in the industry so far, but Go Hyun Jung has never accepted to appear in a movie as a guest. With her status, there is absolutely no chance of being uninvited, many audiences believe it’s probably because Go Hyun Jung didn’t agree to appear.

Go Hyun Jung is an actress with a strong personality and her own work ethic. Maybe not accepting cameos was one of her strict rules.

korean female stars

Kim Tae Hee

Since the success achieved after ‘Stairway to Heaven’, Kim Tae Hee‘s television career has been full of lead roles. Although there are two long and long periods of rest, she absolutely refuses to appear on the small screen, even if it’s just a cameo role. More specifically, in the movie segment, Kim Tae Hee has never appeared as a guest actor.

korean female stars

As busy as she is, the chance for the audience to see this great beauty appear as a guest may not be high.

korean female stars

Song Hye Kyo

The great beauty born in 1981 is a close friend of Go Hyun Jung, so their personalities at work will surely have many similarities. In the thinking of not accepting cameos, these two actresses are similar. Song Hye Kyo has made a cameo in the movie industry, but definitely not on television.

korean female stars

This goddess is very tight-lipped, there is little news in the movie, but no one will know what she is doing if she doesn’t act. And with a rather complicated schedule, not only working in the country but also going abroad continuously, perhaps Song Hye Kyo really could not arrange the time to participate as a guest role in any movies. But everyone can see that this beautiful lady has many friends in the world, and her relationship is very wide, how can no one invite her.

korean female stars

Shin Min Ah

Out of the 10 dramas starring Shin Min Ah, she played the lead role in 9 and the remaining drama was a supporting role. Absolutely cameo has absolutely no chance to appear on her drama board. Up to now, Shin Min Ah has only made a cameo once, in the movie “A Quiet Place”.

korean female stars

Because Shin Min Ah’s way of choosing the script is somewhat meticulous, so since then, she has said no to this kind of interesting role on television. That’s the current situation, but maybe in the future, the audience will see Shin Min Ah breaking the rules to appear as a guest in the movie of her lover Kim Woo Bin. 

korean female stars

Park Min Young

Like her senior Kim Tae Hee, a cameo role is something that is not in Park Min Young‘s movie dictionary, whether it’s a drama or a movie. This also makes audiences more or less confused because most of her co-stars are also a few times appeared as guest actors on films, and she just doesn’t complete it.

korean female stars

Although audiences regret not seeing these beautiful sisters make cameos in dramas, they still respect their choice. However, we all still hope to see one of these five suddenly appear as a guest actor one day. 

korean female stars

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