This influencer is known to have dated 7 male celebrities, including a Korean idol group member

As a Japanese Youtuber exposed the lovers of this influencer, the appearance of Korean celebrities drew attention.

Recently Japanese Youtuber Higashitani Yoshikazu uploaded a video exposing the personal life of influencer Ozawa Misato (31 years old) on his Youtube channel. Ozawa Misato is an influencer who is famous for her wide connections in the entertainment industry.

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According to the video, Ozawa Misato has dated a number of male celebrities. Japanese actors Yusuke Yamamoto, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Shirota Yuu and Sota Fukushi were mentioned.

Moreover, she also dated Mackenyu Arata, an actor who is well-known for his outstanding handsomeness, and Takanori Iwata, a former member of the famous boy group EXILE.

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In particular, Higashitani Yoshikazualso revealed that Ozawa Misato had also dated a member of a famous Korean idol group, drawing attention.

Higashitani Yoshikazualso continues to expose the Japanese entertainment industry through videos.

Source: wikitree


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