The Huening siblings took on the WA DA DA dance challenge but all the attention was on the TXT member

Netizens think that the TXT member dances better than his younger sister

KEP1ER is a girl group formed from the survival show Produce 48 of Mnet. On January 3, the group officially debuted with the song WA DA DA. In the KEP1ER lineup, the member who receives the most attention is Huening BahiyyihHuening Kai‘s biological sister (TXT). Recently, the Huening siblings appeared together for the first time and took on the WA DA DA dance challenge.

The clip was posted on the official KEP1ER’s page. After 2 hours, it received 2 million views, proving the charm of Kpop’s famous siblings. Many comments also discussed Bahiyyih and Huening Kai‘s dancing ability. Netizens expressed surprise when Huening Kai performed the girl group’s choreography more flexible and attractive than his sister.

Some other comments:

  • They are so cute.
  • Double visual, it’s really unmistakable special.
  • Surprised to see Kai dancing to this song, I fall in love with him.
  • Wow, standing next to his sister, Huening Kai is really good at dancing, everyone in TXT is good at dancing.
  • Huening parents must be very proud.


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