“The Glory” actors’ position changes after 8 months “Cha Joo Young cries and Kim Hieora laughs”

Netflix’s “The Glory” led to the emergence of new trends and brought recognition to previously lesser-known actors. After its success, attention was paid to the upcoming projects of the cast members.

However, the evaluations for the lead actors diverged 8 months after “The Glory“. Cha Joo Young, who gained acclaim for her role in “The Glory”, has faced ongoing controversies about her acting skills. In contrast, Kim Hieora has garnered praise for her captivating performance.

Cha Joo young

While Cha Joo Young made a strong impression in “The Glory”, her subsequent role as a villain in KBS’ weekend drama “The Real Has Come!” has received mixed reviews. Her portrayal lacks the intensity expected of a villain character, and her acting does not effectively contribute to the heightened atmosphere typical of weekend dramas. Consequently, she has been criticized for not living up to the expectations set by her performance in “The Glory”.

Despite these challenges, Cha Joo Young, who has been acting for 7 years, still has room for improvement and potential growth in her career. On the other hand, Kim Hieora, who meticulously prepared for her role in “The Uncanny Counter 2” through extensive action school training, has consistently received acclaim. She has successfully portrayed a malevolent character named Gelli, capturing attention with her striking visuals and versatile acting skills.

Kim Hieora has skillfully embodied the character’s enjoyment of wrongdoing and madness, showcasing her ability to convey the emotions of a complex antagonist. The production team of “The Uncanny Counter 2” praised her remarkable performance, emphasizing her ability to immerse herself fully in the role.

The drama “The Uncanny Counter 2” has maintained solid viewership ratings and successfully combined the acting prowess, buzzworthiness and audience engagement factors. Kim Hieora’s performance is expected to continue impressing viewers in the remaining episodes, as her filmography continues to ascend to new heights.

Source: Daum

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