The glorious career of Li Yifeng before controversies 

 Li Yifeng finds himself behind bars after visiting prostitutes many times, facing downfall amidst career glory. 

Top actor with successful career 

Li Yifeng was born in 1987 in Sichuan, China. The actor graduated with a major in Broadcasting and Hosting from the School of Film and Television, Sichuan Normal University. He entered the entertainment industry in 2007 through the competition show “My Hero”. Li Yifeng quickly impressed with his handsomeness and talent in both the filming and music industries.

Thanks to his outstanding appearance, Li Yifeng caught the attention of many famous directors. In 2009, Li Yifeng took on the first drama of his career “Prince of Tennis 2”. After that, the actor continued to play supporting roles in “Love Actually”, “White Lies”, “Sunny Happiness” and “Happy and Love Forever”.

In 2013, Li Yifeng had his first lead role with “The Return of the Princess” co-starring Li Qin. From then on, he saw a rise in both television and movie acting, climbing up the ranks with an expanding fan base. Some of his most successful works include “Swords of Legends”, “Daomu Biji”, “Sparrow”, “Noble Aspirations”, and “Day Breaker”.

In music, Li Yifeng did direct a lot of attention but mainly sang film OSTs. Thanks to his reputation, he gained major commercial deals from brands such as Prada, Sensodyne, King To Nin Jio, TAG Heuer to name a few. The actor also bagged home top awards in Cbiz. 

Tremendous assets at 35

Apart from Kris Wu, Yang Yang and Lu Han, Li Yifeng owned a huge fortune at a relatively young age. Forbes magazine once estimated that the actor’s income in 2016 was about 90 million yuan, equivalent to more than 12.9 million USD. Currently, Li Yifeng’s income was sure to increase even more thanks to his reputation.

After the success of the television series “Sword of Legends”, Li Yifeng’s salary was around 550.000 yuan for an episode (equivalent to 79.000 USD). As the main character in “Noble Aspirations”, the actor was estimated to receive 780 thousand yuan per episode, about 112.000 USD.

In addition to his artistic career, Li Yifeng also expanded to the real estate business in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Chinese-language media once reported that the male actor had invested in 7 companies.

The actor was also a car enthusiast in Cbiz. He once generated a sensation when driving a white Lamborghini worth 6 million yuan (866.000 USD). Li Yifeng also owned many cars such as McLaren P1 GTR, Cadillac SRX 2012, Mercedes-Benz G500, Bentley Continental. 

Publicly canceled for “soliciting prostitutes” 

Li Yifeng’s personal life faced many scandals. He was once caught in dating rumors with Tiffany Tang, Yang Mi, Fang Anna, Gina Jin and Lee Da Hae. Recently, he was rumored to be in a secret relationship with a wealthy girlfriend. 

Most recently, Li Yifeng is officially canceled by his prostitution scandal. He is detained in Beijing, waiting for trials. Many brands, broadcasting stations and film projects have ended their contracts with him. 

Ly Dich Phong’s scandal is likely to affect the celebrities close to him. The person who stood up to accuse the actor of soliciting prostitutes also expressed that they would expose the whole thing.

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