The first idol with the most viral fancam in Kpop when social media was not prevalent, paving the way for fancam culture

 Her special fancam has started the trend for other Kpop idols’ focus fancams later 

Fancam is a “specialty” that has become extremely familiar to Kpop fans. This term refers to the videos filmed by fans and posted on social media sites without the intention of the companies or broadcast stations.  Fancams can vary from general scenes to the appearance of all members of a group on stage, at a fansign, or at the airport… Therefore, to differentiate, the term focus fancam was born. This is a special type of fancam that only focuses on a single idol, depicting close-ups of the idol’s visual, facial expressions, and movements.

Fancams appeared very early, but only among a small scope of individuals or within a fandom. The first viral fancam in Kpop history that paved the way for fancam culture was Yuri (SNSD).

This video was recorded by fans of Yuri performing the song Oh! in 2010 at Namyangju Central Stadium. Yuri is called the “black pearl” because of her full energy and attractive aura. This focus fancam of her was shot very firmly, capturing clearly from her powerful dance moves to her confident, refreshing energy. The video was also Yuri’s first fancam and currently has nearly 270,000 views on YouTube. Don’t compare this number with the idols of today’s generation, when Yuri was popular with SNSD, the Internet wasn’t as prevalent as it is now!

yuri fancam snsd
yuri fancam snsd

With this gorgeous footage, the fancam of SNSD’s “black pearl” quickly went viral among Kpop fans.  Although this is not the first idol fancam ever, this is the first fancam to gain that much attention.

yuri fancam snsd

Yuri’s fancam has laid the foundation for the fancam culture later on, as well as created a trend for other idols’ Kpop fandoms. In fact, thanks to this SNSD member’s fancam, the fancams filmed before were also noticed more.

yuri fancam snsd
yuri fancam snsd

Nowadays, focus fancams have become an indispensable part for Kpop fans. Not only fans but recently, broadcasters have also invested more in this form of fancam through performances on music show stages.  Every year, there are even topics or articles that rank idols with the most eye-catching fancams.

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