Competing with professional dancers, Chaeyeon (IZ*ONE) continues to be overshadowed

Constantly having to go up against strong competitors, Chaeyeon ended up losing the battle every time.

Recently, Chaeyeon‘s appearance on Mnet’s dance competition show called ‘Street Woman Fighter’ has become a trending topic. Her skills have been discussed and compared with professional dancers many times. Chaeyeon was not only under great pressure from having to go up against other strong competitors who are famous dancers, but also had to receive harsh comments from the viewers.

After the 1st episode broadcast, Chaeyeon was completely defeated by YGX’s leader Lee Jung. In the 2nd episode, based on the teaser, Chaeyeon’s results were equally tragic as she lost all 4 dance battles.  Entering the new round, the situation was not much better. Although it was only a few seconds in the teaser, according to the viewers, she was completely overshadowed by Simeez.

Street Woman Fighter
As the main dancer of IZ*ONE, Chaeyeon is often praised for her dancing skills, but when she’s up against professional dancers, Chaeyeon struggles.
Street Woman Fighter
Chaeyeon’s opponent in the next round is Simeez from the Lachica dance crew – Chungha’s Choreographer team

In this new round, the winner will become the main dancer getting the spotlight, while the loser will turn into a backup dancer. The rules of the show are extremely harsh. Chaeyeon and Simeez had a battle, performing the same choreography. Chaeyeon shows flexibility and softness. Her performance would probably still be appreciated if she was dancing alone. However, next to a powerful and charming Simeez, Chaeyeon’s dancing looks less outstanding.

Most Knets have to admit that we need a competition, a direct comparison like this to see the level of difference between idols and professional dancers.

Street Woman Fighter
Same dance, but two different styles: Chaeyeon is fresh and beautiful as an idol while Simeez is sharp, sexy as a professional dancer.
Street Woman Fighter
However, most Knet claim to be more attracted to Simeez.
  • “Idols, even if they dance well, they dance in a showy way to get attention. Meanwhile, the dancers really prioritize showing good movements when performing.
  • “Idols want to highlight themselves, while dancers focus on choreography. But watching this, I think the dancers do a great job in making themselves and the choreography attractive. Of course, when on stage, the dancers have to stand in the back and wear dark clothes, so the idol looks more attractive. But if the dancer stands in the center position, the audience won’t be able to take their eyes off them.
  •  “Of course, the strengths of the two sides are different, I find the dancers much more attractive.
  •  “What is the difference between a play and a movie?  Musicals are a form of live performance, so it is necessary to have a loud voice and act a little liberally.  Movies are played on the screen, so they need to be beautiful, expressive, and the action must be restrained. Two completely different fields. In my opinion, Chaeyeon is the best in the idol world.  But since this is a show for dancers, it’s okay for Chaeyeon to be judged with a different eye
  • “I think Lee Chaeyeon is choosing the dead end when she participates in this show. Dancing is her best forte, but in this show, Chaeyeon revealed many of her shortcomings compared to a professional dancer. Chaeyeon’s image of an idol with top dancing skills is being shaken… What a pity.
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