The completely contrasting careers of 2 child actors from “Boys Over Flowers”: The acting genius has now become irrelevant. 

After “Boys Over Flowers”, these 2 child actors lead completely different lives. 

There’s no denying the massive popularity of the 2009 K-drama “Boys Over Flowers”, which boosted the entire major cast to stardom, including its child actors. Among those, Nam Da Reum and Park Ji Bin managed to draw great attention from the show, only for their careers to take completely different trajectories. 

Born in 1995, yet Park Ji Bin already scored a major cinema role in 2003, and by the time “Boys Over Flowers” aired, he already got 6 years of experience under his sleeve. The child actor boasted an intelligent and adorable appearance, alongside capable acting abilities that can rival even adults, and thus was expected to be a big name in the future. Unfortunately, his shine seemed to fade as soon as his child actor days were over. 

Park Jin Bin
Park Ji Bin played the brother-in-law of Lee Min Ho in “Boys Over Flowers”. 

In 2015, Park Ji Bin started his mandatory military service early, at just 20 years old. However, upon discharging, the actor wasn’t able to get back on his footing, and slowly faded from the public’s mind. Despite playing major roles in various projects starting from 2018, the actor never managed to make a lasting impression, and is now irrelevant among a sea of same-aged and just as brilliant actors. 

Park Ji Bin
Park Ji Bin’s visuals after he matures. 
Park Ji Bin
The actor never got back on track after his military service

Meanwhile, child actor Nam Da Reum was a complete rookie when he played the younger version of the second lead Yoon Ji Hoo in “Boys Over Flowers”, and became the talk of town thanks to his cute visuals and impressive acting skills. Throughout the last 13 years, the actor grew alongside his filmography, and slowly attained the love of the audience as younger versions of various popular actors, including Lee Jong Suk, Kim Seon Ho, and Lee Je Hoon. 

Nam Dareum
Nam Da Reum played the child version of second lead Yoon Ji Hoo in “Boys Over Flowers”.
Nam Dareum
Nam Da Reum alongside the young F4. 

Since 2019, however, the actor has been nailing major roles and shedding his “child actor” title. Slowly but surely, Nam Da Reum started to make a name for himself by proving his versatility and abilities in various genres and roles and has now surpassed Park Ji Bin in terms of popularity. He has truly proven that you don’t have to be a genius to obtain success. 

While Nam Da Reum can’t be said to be among the top actors yet, his position is enough for further development in the future. 

Nam Dareum
Nam Da Reum slowly but surely established his name in the acting industry.
Nam Da Reum 2602221
While not overwhelmingly popular, he is still a notable young actor with huge prospects in the future. 

Source: K14

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