Top 2021 Korean dramas with the highest scores on Douban

Take a look at the list of Korean dramas that are well-loved by the Chinese

Mid-November is the release time of a series of popular Korean dramas.  After airing the first episodes, these dramas have been rated on Douban – China’s most popular and prestigious film review site.  And the number of points made the audience quite surprised when the new movie with the highest score belonged to a drama with a bad rating in Korea – Idol: The Coup.

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Douban scores of newly released Korean dramas:

  • Hospital Playlist 2 – 9.5 points
  • Navillera – 9.4 points
  • Move To Heaven – 9.1 points
  • D.P – 9.1 points
  • Work Later, Drink Now – 9.1 points
  • Mouse – 8.6 points
  • Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha – 8.7 points
  • Our Beloved Summer – 9.0 points
  • Law School – 8.8 points
  • Lost – 8.9 points
  • Idol: The Coup: 8.1 points
  • The Red Sleeve: 8.0 points
  • Melancholia: 7.6 points
  • Now, We Are Breaking Up: 7.1 points
  • Secret Royal Inspector & Joy: 6.8 points

Idol: The Coup, starring Hani (EXID), is a drama about a failed group of idols looking for a chance to shine. This drama, which aired on jTBC, is widely regarded as the year’s biggest flop, with a rating of 0%. Idol: The Coup, on the other hand, appears to be gaining a lot of traction in China.

Top newly released Korean dramas with the highest scores on Douban

Meanwhile, Now, We Are Breaking Up – the work that is causing a stir throughout Asia this week, received a more modest score.  Specifically, Song Hye Kyo’s new drama only received 7.1 points. On the other hand, “The Red Sleeve,” a drama that aired on the same day and during the same time frame as Now, We Are Breaking Up, received an 8.0 score. It’s clear that Song Hye Kyo’s comeback isn’t well-received when it sparks such heated debates in not only Korea but also China and other Asia countries. 

Hospital Playlist 2 2311212
Hospital Playlist 2 continues to top the charts
Move To Heaven
Move To Heaven – Korean drama that makes audiences cry the most in 2021
D.P – blockbuster with the most spectacular achievement in 2021
Work Later, Drink Now
Work Later, Drink Now, although not widely promoted, still left a strong impression on the audience
Our Beloved Summer
Although Kim Da Mi’s Our Beloved Summer has just been released not long ago, it still excelled in the top with high scores
The Red Sleeve
The Red Sleeve
Now, We Are Breaking Up
Now, We Are Breaking Up
Secret Royal Inspector & Joy
Secret Royal Inspector & Joy
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