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“Teenage Parents 4” Cast Exposed Of Telling Lies About The Fathers Of Her 3 Children For Money

A shocking story about “Teenage Parents 4” cast Oh Hyun-sil has been revealed

Netizen A recently posted a long article about Oh Hyun-sil. A introduced herself as the ex-girlfriend of C, the father of Oh Hyun-sil’s second child. According to A, Oh Hyun-sil knew that the father of her first child’s father B was a married man, but she continued her romance with him and got pregnant. When Oh Hyun-sil had nowhere to go, she lived together with A and C, who were dating at that time, and intentionally got pregnant with C’s child. In addition, A also revealed that when C was in detention, Oh Hyun-sil met another man D through an app. A insisted that Oh Hyun-sil lied about her meetings with the children’s fathers.

Teenage Parents

In particular, A claimed that Oh Hyun-sil intentionally took her first son home after sending him to an orphanage solely for money and pointed out that Oh Hyun-sil spent the amount of children’s financial support for her own entertainment purposes.

A’s post has been shared rapidly in online communities, causing a stir among netizens. Alongside A’s revelation, other accusations, such as Oh Hyun-sil’s involvement in school violence, also surfaced, causing the controversy to intensify.

On the November 15th broadcast of “Teenage Parents 4”, Oh Hyun-sil drew attention when she talked about her daily life as a single mom raising three children from different fathers.

Teenage Parents

During the broadcast, Oh Hyun-sil shared that she fell in love with B after working part-time together and became pregnant with him. According to Oh Hyun-sil, she later found out that B was a married man but he already divorced after having two children. However, B suddenly decided to reunite with his ex-wife so he broke up with Oh Hyun-sil. Later, Oh Hyun-sil dated C, who just broke up with A, as he kept flirting with her and got pregnant with her second child. However, they broke up when C was imprisoned. While raising her children alone, Oh Hyun-sil met D at a housewarming party. D treated her so kindly and expressed his desire to have a child with her. Touched by D’s kindness, Oh Hyun-sil got pregnant with her third child but once again got abandoned.

Due to financial difficulties, Oh Hyun-sil sent her first child to an orphanage. She promised on the broadcast that she would do everything possible to regain custody of the child, making the MCs Park Mi-sun, Seo Jang-hoon and In Gyo-jin cry.

Source: Nate

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