Park Si-eun & Jin Tae-hyun “Wrap up daughter’s funeral and burial…Promise to live a more valuable life”

Actor Jin Tae-hyun, who revealed his wife Park Si-eun’s third miscarriage, said that the funeral and burial were completed.

Jin Tae-hyun announced on Instagram on August 19th, “The two of us are now preparing to return home after wrapping up the funeral and burial of our daughter Tae-eun during surgery and hospitalization at the hospital.”

He continued, “My family won’t live provocatively or negatively. As a husband and father, I promise to live a more valuable life. I ask you to receive this news with a little warm eyes for the sake of my wife and the child who left us.”

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Finally, he concluded the post by saying, “I’ll recover with a better image.”

On this day, Jin Tae-hyun was consoled by all walks of life by sharing the sad news of Park Si-eun‘s unfortunate miscarriage.

He confessed, “Our child Tae-eun stopped breathing for no reason. The baby left us just 20 days before being due.”

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He added, “For 9 months after giving her mom and dad hope as well as everything else, she left us without showing us her face. The experience of waiting for my wife in a different sense from other fathers was a very precious experience to reflect on in my life.”

At the same time, he told his wife Park Si-eun, “It’s not bad luck and it’s not anyone’s fault, so let’s not blame ourselves. It seems that this is another time to be sad. I’m fine no matter what anyone says. I love you.”

Earlier in February, Jin Tae-hyun announced Park Si-eun’s pregnancy and expressed his joy.

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The couple recently appeared on SBS’ entertainment program “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2” and confessed the pain of the miscarriages they experienced. Park Si-eun said, “I didn’t know I could get pregnant 3 times a year. I miscarried my first child in January and quickly had a baby 2 months later. Then this baby also stopped breathing and left us.”

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