“Buying a car = 100% dating,” this sign never fails to predict an idol dating

We respect the privacy of idols, but we still feel uncomfortable if they date. If the reason in the past is simply that fans didn’t like seeing their idol showing any contact with people of different sex, fans nowadays hate being deceived.  

There’s an indicator through which fans can figure out who’s dating, and that’s an idol’s driving license. Getting a driving license and buying a car doesn’t always mean that someone is in a relationship, but a driving license or a new car has been known as a very old “dating idol detector.”  

winner kang seung yoon

Dating rumor of WINNER member Kang Seung-yoon recently surfaced on August 18th after the story of someone claiming they saw him going on a date with YG’s new actress Moon Ji-hyo started to spread. Photos of the couple walking side by side dressed in blue added credibility to the story.  

Regarding Kang Seung-yoon’s romantic relationship, YG Entertainment said, “It is impossible for us to confirm the artist’s private life.” Until now, YG has always made positions of “groundless rumors” or “legal response” to respond to fake rumors, and if they cannot admit or even deny something, they would wrapped it up as “the artist’s private life”. Therefore, this basically means YG has acknowledged Kang Seung-yoon’s dating relationship.  

Kang Seung-yoon

The MBC “I Live Alone” episodes, which aired in August, are drawing attention due to Kang Seung-yoon’s dating news. At that time, Kang Seung-yoon bought a used car with member Song Min-ho. He drew attention by paying about 70 million won to buy an SUV.  

It may be just a coincidence, but many claims that the formula of “buying a car = idol dating” is right once again as the rumor broke out not long after he changed the car.  

winner seungyoon mino

The formula of “Car = Dating” was directly recognized by Hwang Kwang-hee, a former member of idol group ZE:A. Hwang Kwang-hee appeared on SBS’s “Strong Heart” in 2012 and said, “Sometime after my debut, I needed a car. The reason why idols buy cars is 100% dating.”  

He said that when he went on a car date with a girl group member, there were many foreign cars at the Han River. He also revealed an incident where after a small accident happened between him and one of those cars, he saw that both the driver and the person in the passenger seat were celebrities. 

hwang kwang hee

On MBC’s “Video Star” in 2019, Sandara Park also mentioned how dating went as a second-generation idol. Sandara Park said, “If they have a car, they go on a car date, and if they are living alone, they usually go on a date at home.” She revealed that sometimes someone would even climb in unusual places bringing fried chicken at midnight 

sandara park

Soyou and Son Dam-bi also mentioned car dates in an entertainment show which was aired in June. Son Dam-bi said, “They date a lot in cars near the Han River.” In response, Soyou said, “I have witnessed a celebrity on their date with my own eyes. A female celebrity came out and looked at me, she is then followed by a male celebrity,” she explained. 


Dating in cars always appears in many celebrities’ dating photos taken by the paparazzi. Even during the relationship between Taeyeon and Baekhyun of EXO, which was famous as ‘a love story between top stars’, Taeyeon was seen driving her Benz to meet Baekhyun, making headlines.  

Baekhyun Taeyeon

Relatively recently, V of BTS and Jennie of BLACKPINK allegedly traveled to Jeju Island and were photographed while riding a rental car together.  

This dating rumor between 2 world-class idols drew so much attention that people expected a position from both agencies. However, both V and Jennie’s agencies consistently responded to this rumor with silence.  

jennie bts v

Idols also know about this kind of signal. On live broadcasts, they say, “I don’t have a driver license” to calm their fans. Apart from respecting free love and idols’ privacy, the formula of “idol + car = dating” that has been going on from the first idol generation is interesting.

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