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“Street Man Fighter” Vata received the lowest point among all directors: “I don’t understand”

“Street Man Fighter” Vata received the lowest score among performance directors.

Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter,” which aired on Oct 4th, showed seven crews participating in the Mega Crew mission.

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First is the performance of We Dem Boyz. BoA said, “I think they are the best crew who used the portable steps,” and Eun-hyuk said, “Other teams will think their performance annoyingly good.” 

steet man fighter

The highest score among the three performance directors was Ingyu, who scored 345 out of 400. However, the score was still lower than expected, due to which We Dem Boyz and other teams expressed their doubts. In addition, Vata received the lowest score among all directors with 293 points, shocking everyone. We Dem Boyz scored a total of 947 points.

steet man fighter

Vata, who served as the general director, said, “Why? I don’t understand. I have to accept the score, but I feel that it’s unacceptable.” Other crew members analyzed his directing as, “I think it is quite cliché.” Eunhyuk said, “When the performance first started, I have already predicted what would happen when I saw the fedora and the suit. What I expected happened as expected,” while Mike Song added, “If you’re going to use this song, you have to do it more or totally different from this. But neither of that happened,” he said.

steet man fighter

“I tried to make it as new as possible, but I don’t know what to do. It’s shocking to me,” he said. “Can I do a call-out (in which the contestant who doesn’t accept the battle result in a street dance battle challenging the judge)?” he asked, showing his feelings.

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