Taeyang Mentions YG’s Remarks Before BIGBANG’s Debut, “Making Us Like TVXQ. That’s Nonsense”

Taeyang revealed what YG Entertainment told BIGBANG before their debut that made the members doubt it so much

On April 12th, the YouTube channel “Zip Daesung” uploaded a new video featuring the guest appearances of GUNBANG members Joo Won, Beenzino, Taeyang, and Go Kyung-pyo.

Daesung asked Taeyang, “Do you see anyone familiar here? Among the staff? Because someone who knows you very well is hiding here”. As soon as Taeyang pointed at her, the writer of “Zip Daesung” greeted, “Nice to see you, friend”. Taeyang added, “I can even remember her name! My elementary friend. You still look like back then!”

The writer mentioned Taeyang’s nickname “the son of a supermarket owner”. Taeyang said, “That’s right. My parents owned a supermarket when I was young”. 

When Daesung asked, “Have you guys met after then?”. The writer friend said, “We met at elementary school and then at high school. Right before he debuted as BIGBANG and he said to me, ‘My company said that they’re going to make us like TVXQ’.”

Upon hearing that, Daesung reacted, “Right, because back then TVXQ was on the top”.

Taeyang then confessed, “It meant more like, ‘They’re going to make us like TVXQ. That’s nonsense’. It should come after it. We thought that was nonsense. We were like ‘Us?’. It’s ridiculous because I wanted to become a rapper. But then we heard they mentioned TVXQ and we were like ‘Us?’.”

He added, “But then Daesung joined us. And we doubted the company’s words even more”. Daesung responded, “It was more like NGXQ”, drawing laughter.

Taeyang commented, “They were dreaming big”, making everyone laugh again as he kept making fun of his old company.

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