Taeyang (BIGBANG)’s face was edited in ‘HYLT’ MV ike T.O.P but his reaction was the opposite

If T.O.P himself posted the deep-fake video with his face put in BLACKPINK’s MV on his Instagram, his brother Taeyang had the opposite reaction.

 Recently, T.O.P’s fans had a good laugh when he indirectly declared himself as … the 5th member of BLACKPINK by posting a fanmade deep-fake video editing his face onto the bodies of 4 BLACKPINK girls in “How You Like That” MV. The video has quickly gone viral and fans continue to joke about it. And this time, the next “victim” is another BIGBANG member, Taeyang.

 One fan also edited Taeyang’s face onto BLACKPINK in “How You Like That” MV. Then this fan tagged the male idol on her post and used the song’s title to ask him, “How you like that? We won’t miss you out Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name)?”.

 Somehow this video got Taeyang’s attention. The male idol hesitantly replied, “I… don’t like that… but dope video..”

 Taeyang hesitantly replied that he… doesn’t like the video

 So while the rapper of BIGBANG was so enjoying the fan edit that he posted the deep-fake video on Instagram himself, Taeyang’s reaction was the opposite. Although he said that he did not like it, he still praised the video as “dope”, proving that the fan’s editing skills are no joke, Taeyang might be mistaken as a real BLACKPINK member! 

 Taeyang said he didn’t like it while T.O.P posted deep-fake video on Instagram himself

 But Taeyang actually did something totally different from what he said! Fans thought he did not like these deep-fake edits but not long after, the male singer posted another deep-fake video of his face being edited onto Taylor Swift in her “Shake It Off” MV. 

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 Not enjoying his face being put in “How You Like That” MV but Taeyang himself posted the video editing him in the Taylor Swift’s MV 

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