Suzy & Park Bo-gum, like a real couple “Sweet chemistry with arms linked and cheek to cheek” (Wonderland)

Prop photos showcasing the sweet chemistry between Suzy and Park Bo-gum, who are working together for the first time through the film "Wonderland", have been released

Past couple photos of Jeong-in (Suzy) and Tae-joo (Park Bo-gum), who appear as lovers in the film “Wonderland”, which is scheduled to be released on June 5th, have been released, drawing attention.

The photos are props depicting Jeong-in and Tae-joo’s past, displayed in Jeong-in’s home.

They show the couple dressed in matching uniforms, as they appear to be enjoying a sweet date, cheek to cheek, lovingly gazing at each other, raising the excitement of viewers. The images also hint at their happy past before Tae-joo falls into a coma due to an accident, evoking both tenderness and sadness.

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The chemistry between Suzy and Park Bo-gum, promising a perfect visual match and sweet romantic synergy, has excited prospective viewers. Known as the “Baeksang couple” for their frequent appearances as MCs at award ceremonies, they have strong public support. Each still cut released has received an explosive response.

Prospective viewers expressed their excitement with comments like “So beautifulㅠㅜ Seeing Jeong-in and Tae-joo gives me dopamine”, “I can’t believe I get to see these two with my own eyes!!!”, “Ah!!! Tae-joo Jeong-in” and “Wow, this is amazing… Their visual match is incredible… I wish it was a 32-episode drama instead of just a movie!

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Fans eagerly awaiting the release of “Wonderland” have been uploading self-made posters and trailers on various SNS and online communities, showing their anticipation for the Jeong-in and Tae-joo couple.

“Wonderland” is a story about reuniting with a departed family member or lover via video call. The affectionate couple chemistry between Suzy and Park Bo-gum can be witnessed in theaters nationwide starting June 5th.

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