Seungri indulges in clubbing hobby 1 month after released from prison, “He called celebrities and acquaintances”

New updates on former BIGBANG member Seungri (Lee Seung Hyun, 33) after being released from prison have been reported.

According to a report by SPOTV News on March 22nd, Seungri, who was released from prison in February, has been living his daily life similar to that before his imprisonment.

Seungri was identified as the key figure in the so-called “Burning Sun Scandal” that began at the Burning Sun club in 2019 and was put on trial with a total of nine charges, including habitual gambling, prostitution mediation, and embezzlement. After a legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court, the court confirmed all of Seungri’s charges and sentenced him to one year and six months in prison.

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While being detained in a military prison, Seungri was transferred to Yeosu Prison, a civilian prison, after his sentence was confirmed. He quietly completed his remaining sentence before getting released.

According to some sources, Seungri has been living an ordinary life with a relatively bright appearance after his prison release.

After coming out of prison, Seungri even contacted those he was close to in the entertainment industry. An official said to SPOTV News, “Seungri contacted me and asked how I was doing. His voice has become a bit calmer, but he seemed to be as bright and cheerful as ever, unchanged from before”, revealing Seungri’s whereabouts.

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Another official cautiously mentioned that Seungri has not given up his ‘clubbing’ hobby. Talking to SPOTV News, they said, “Seungri called his acquaintances, including celebrities, and asked them to go to clubs with him”. Although the Burning Sun Scandal started from the club Burning Sun he operated and even led to his imprisonment, it seems that Seungri’s love for clubs remains unchanged. This detail is drawing keen attention from the public.

In the sentencing hearing last year, Seungri shed tears and promised that he would change. He said, “I have spent time reflecting on myself for the past three years. Through this incident, I promise that I will be reborn as a different person.”

Source: Nate 

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