With “The Witch 2”, will Shin Si-a become a “monster rookie” actress like Kim Da-mi?

“The Witch” is back with a new part, in which Shin Si-a, who won the casting competition with a 1408:1 rate, appears as the new witch. Will she make a successful film debut?

Park Hoon-jung’s “The Witch: Part 2. The Other One” (hereinafter referred to as “The Witch 2”), which is scheduled to premiere on June 15th, is an action film that tells what happens when forces appear in front of the “girl”, who survived in the devastated secret laboratory alone and stepped out into the world, and chase her. 

“The Witch 2”, which marks the collaboration of director Park Hoon-jung, who was behind the success of “New World”, “The Witch 1” and “Night in Paradise”, and the original production team of “The Witch”, is expected to present an expanded worldview and more powerful action scenes. In particular, Shin Si-a was selected as the main character Cynthia of “The Witch 2”, following Kim Da-mi in the previous part, drawing keen attention.

Shin Si-ah

Shin Si-a was cast after passing three rounds of the audition with a high competition rate of 1408:1. She took on the role of the “girl” who comes out to the real world after waking up from the destroyed secret research laboratory “Ark”. Shin Si-a will play the character Cynthia full of unexpected charismas, from the first unfamiliar moment when she, who spent all her life locked up as an experimentee for a top-secret project, takes her first steps into the world to the scene where she explodes her inherent abilities.

Unlike, Ja-yoon (Kim Da-mi), who was an ordinary high school student, Shin Si-a will portray a girl who has been locked up as an experiment object for a secret project all her life. Regarding her character, Shin Si-a said, “This character will show clumsy and awkward emotional expressions as she has been isolated from the world. I tried to convey lots of stories only with my eye acting while making just a few facial expressions”.

Shin Si-ah

It is known that Shin Si-a worked really hard to find a way to express the “girl” and practiced nonstop with mirrors and self-cameras. Before shooting, she also tried to immerse herself in the character by casting the spell “I’m the girl”. Regarding the difference between her character and Ja-yoon portrayed by Kim Da-mi in “The Witch 1”, Shin Si-ah explained, “We have different experiences and environments. She (Ja-yoon) grew up communicating with her family members and friends so she is familiar with emotions, but the ‘girl’ (Cynthia) is different in terms of emotional expression because she lacks social interactions and has not grown up in the secret laboratory.”

Shin Si-a will show the “reversal charms” of the character Cynthia in “The Witch 2”, who will surprise the viewers by going back and forth between her childlike innocence to the fierce appearance when she reveals her destructive nature. Attention is focused on whether Shin Si-a, who will officially appear in public through “The Witch 2”, will follow the successful step of Kim Da-mi, who rose to stardom with her extraordinary performance in “The Witch 1”, and announce the birth of a new monster rookie.

Source: Daum

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