Sungkyunkwan University’s Karina? Student Gains Attention for Stunning Visuals at Festival

A Sungkyunkwan University student is going viral for her celebrity-like visuals and resemblance to aespa Karina.

On June 3rd, a video titled “Karina Doppelganger Appears?! The Appearance of an Unprecedented Beautiful Female Student at Sungkyunkwan University Festival” was uploaded on YouTube and immediately gained attention among Korean netizens. 

The video in question captures the Sungkyunkwan University festival held in May. In a video, after the performance of Sungkyunkwan dance club, the audience is requested to participate in a “three-line poem” activity. 

One student expressed her admiration through the three-line poem, “An unnie who resembles Karina. Pretty. Absolutely beautiful.”


In response, the student who looks like aespa Karina was asked to come on the stage. As soon as the female student with long hair and a small face walked out, enthusiastic cheers from the audience erupted.

She introduced herself, “I’m a student majoring in Media, Communication, and Culture,” and calmly acknowledged that she often hears people say she resembles Karina.


Afterward, she made a promise to have a meal together with the student who expressed her admiration for her beauty, making the crowd cheer.

Furthermore, she showed a great sense of humor by revealing her Instagram ID, heating up the atmosphere at the scene.

Netizens who saw the visuals of the “Sungkyunkwan University’s Karina” responded with comments like “She’s really pretty,” “Her visuals are no joke,” “She could be a celebrity.

Source: Insight

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