YouTube channel K!zzle receives criticism for letting children read malicious comments about girl group Bling Bling

The content of the Youtube channel K!zzle immediately received a lot of protests and criticism from Korean netizens.

Recently, K!zzle, a YouTube channel that conducts various social experiments with children, has uploaded a new video with the title: “Kpop girl group reaction to the bad comments | Studio Kizzle”. Immediately, the video attracted the attention of netizens.

In the video, rookie girl group Bling Bling members were standing in front of a child who would read these malicious comments about the group aloud. Some members of the girl group were even seen crying as the kids read aloud some rude comments to them. Moreover, the children were perplexed and annoyed. One child even asked, “Do I really need to read this?” clearly expressing her discomfort with the situation.

However, the young girl is told to continue reading as she read the comments that say“I just don’t have interest in them”; “They look like a group that will soon disappear”; “I guess just anyone can be an idol group”; “Why are they idols when they have no talent?”; “They need to do some plastic surgery” and “They’re no different from ordinary people”.

However, the production crew later claimed that those comments were about idol groups in general, not aimed at only Bling Bling. K!zzle production team wrote, “The malicious comments and questions asked in this video were not specifically about Bling Bling. While filming they were not aware but were notified after.” K!zzle continued to explain, “We hope that everyone is aware that malicious comments can be murderous and everyone can abide by mature internet culture.” However, as many netizens commented, the video still offended them.

Some comments from Knetizens:

  • “This is mental torture” 
  • “I feel bad for the idol group but I also feel very bad for the children” 
  • “The production team hurt the idol group and the children in the process of making such provoking content”
  • “what is the message that you want to deliver with this?” 
  • “It’s not normal to make children read malicious comments” 
  • “I don’t understand the teaching behind this. It only hurt the feelings of these children and idol group.”

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