The recent status of G-Dragon… A sweet guy who carefully ties the hair for his close acquaintance

G-Dragon, a member of boy group BIG BANG, caught the attention of netizens as he showed off his sweet side.

Hairstylist A recently uploaded videos and photos taken with her close friend G-Dragon on Instagram. In the released post, G-Dragon could be noticed wearing a pink hat and glasses, proving his unique fashion sense. The hairstylist was impressed by G-Dragon’s sincere and careful effort while tying her hair.


While tying hair for his friend, G-Dragon smiled brightly and happily, fluttering fans’ hearts. Seeing the warm appearance of G-Dragon, A showed her joy by making a V in front of the camera.


Moreover, G-Dragon also took some group photos with A and other acquaintances, creating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.


Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s group BIG BANG made a comeback after 4 years by releasing “Still Life” on the 5th of last month. The lyrics of “Still Life” along with the warm band sound express the deep feelings of BIG BANG members that touched their fans. G-Dragon also certified his excellent musical sense by participating in writing and composing the song.


Source: Insight

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