A famous rapper “dived” into the audience at a university festival but ended up landing on the ground

Rapper UNEDUCATED KID was recently seen throwing himself into the audience crowd during his performance.

Yeonseong University held the Yangji Daedongje Festival on the 6th and 7th of October. On the second day of the festival (Oct 7th), singers, such as Hi-L, SUPERBEE, UNEDUCATED KID, and Homies, appeared and performed.

Uneducated Kid

Receiving loud cheers from students and citizens who visited the university campus for the festival, rapper UNEDUCATED KID (real name Kim Sung-woo) threw himself toward the audience as if his excitement reached its peak during his performance.

Uneducated Kid

The audience, who were enjoying the festival in the standing area, raised their arms and reached out to catch UNEDUCATED KID, who unexpectedly dived into the crowd, but missed the timing. Some people even moved away as they were startled by the sudden situation. As a result, UNEDUCATED KID landed on the ground. Luckily, he was fine and not injured even though the audience looked very worried. 

After a while, UNEDUCATED KID stood up. He raised his hands in the middle of the crowd and even made a heart pose to reassure everyone. 

Later, he climbed the fence trying to get out of the audience standing area, and managed to return to the stage thanks to the help of the bodyguard.

Uneducated Kid

Internet users who watched the video recording the scene responded, “UNEDUCATED KID didn’t get hurt, did he?”, “I was at the scene and I saw everyone reaching out to catch him”, “Korean culture is different from hip-hop”, etc.

Uneducated Kid

Meanwhile, rapper UNEDUCATED KID was born in 1997 and became known as a member of Yng&Rich Records after releasing his 2018 album “UNEDUCATED WORLD”.

He shocked many people in the hip-hop world as he created the “false swag” concept that was hard to find in Korea. 

Uneducated Kid

UNEDUCATED KID provides fun by making extraordinary and false brags, such as confidently lying about attending Seoul National Unversity and smoking five cigarettes at once. Although he gained attention for his excessive concept, such as taking pictures with a large amount of money, his musicality is still praised and loved by many people.

UNEDUCATED KID will also attend AWESOME MUSIC FESTIVAL in Nanji Hangang Park on the 22nd and 23rd of October and shine on the stage. 

Source: insight

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