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Sung Yu-ri, “They sleep with each other first before asking each other out, a real culture shock” 

Actress Sung Yu-ri, a former member of the first-generation girl group Fin.K.L., was shocked by the way the current generation dated.

On KBS2’s “Love Recall” which aired on the afternoon of August 29th, the Recall Man said to X, “We… You know, the physical touch. Deep touch. Do you remember us not getting along well?”

X replied to Recall Man, “It’s not that we didn’t get along well. So, the thing that we didn’t get along… is the fewer frequencies?” Recall Man answered, “Yes. You know it too. Of course, everyone has sexual desire. But we really almost did nothing, didn’t we?” he recalled.

sung yu ri

X said, “Yeah, I don’t have much sexual desire. My friends were joking around. You know what I’m talking about, right? They keep asking. ‘Are you a sex before date or date before sex?’ I say I don’t care. How can you break up with someone you love just because of that reason?”

Yang Se-hyung, who was watching this in the studio, tilted his head, saying, “What is sex before date?” and Sung Yu-ri confessed, “I think it’s a real culture shock for me.”

Yoo-jung then explained, “It’s when you sleep with each other first before asking each other out,” and Jang Young-ran was stunned.

sung yu ri

After hearing this, Sung Yu-ri added, “If our tendencies fit well, we date and if it doesn’t, we break up coolly.”

Meanwhile, “Love Recall” is a love reality program for men and women who can’t sleep because of their deep regret over a past breakup to look for a second chance.

Source: Daum

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