“Strong Girl Nam-soon” Lee Yoo-mi Finally Shines Brightly After Acting For A Long Time

Lee Yoo-bi is now wearing the clothes that suit her after working as an unknown actress for a decade

Starring Lee Yoo-mi,Strong Girl Nam-soon” tells the second story after “Strong Girl Bong-soon” ended six years ago. In the drama, Lee Yoo-mi takes on the role of Gang Nam-soon, a girl who inherited superhuman strength from women in her family. Living in Mongolia since she was young, Gang Nam-soon did not learn Korean properly so she speaks informally even to people she meets for the first time. Portraying the unique cheerful personality of Gang Nam-soon, Lee Yoo-mi received huge love from viewers.

Lee Yoo-mi

Enduring her long unknown days, Lee Yoo-mi often appeared in independent films but did not gain much attention. In 2021, she met her life-changing work “Squid Game”. In this Netflix hit series, the actress played the role of contestant No.240 Ji-young and impressed viewers by perfectly showcasing her friendship with Jung Ho-yeon’s role Sae-byeok, and the complex emotions of her characters in detail. With this drama, Lee Yoo-mi became the first Korean actress to receive Outstanding Guest Actress in A Drama Series at the 2022 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

After “Squid Game” promotion ended, Lee Yoo-mi immediately introduced a new transformation in another successful drama “All of Us Are Dead”. This time, she appeared as villain Lee Na-yeon, a student at Hyosan High School, and presented a completely opposite character to “Squid Game” Ji-young to prove her wide acting spectrum. Lee Na-yeon is a golden spoon and she openly discriminates against poor students. This character stimulated viewers’ frustration with her selfish behaviors when the zombie crisis occurred. 

Lee Yoo-mi

Lee Yoo-mi debuted with a minor role in a 2009 film and the drama “Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun”. Since then, she has patiently accumulated acting experiences by through various independent films. She starred in “Park Hwa–young” as the runaway teenage girl in 2017 and showed off her fresh charm in “Children of the 20th Century” as Han Ye-seul’s stylist.

In 2021, Lee Yoo-mi finally achieved her first title role Yoon Se-jin in the movie “Young Adult Matters”. With this film, she won Best New Actress at the 2021 Buil Film Awards and the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards. Playing Ban So-yeon in “Hostage”, starring Hwang Jung-min, Lee Yoo-mi once again amazed viewers with her stable acting skills. 

Lee Yoo-mi

This year marks the 14th debut anniversary of Lee Yoo-mi. Getting noticed through “Squid Game” in 2019, the actress finally got more opportunities to prove herself after acting for 10 years. Lee Yoo-mi is currently filming Netflix’s upcoming romcom “Mr. Plankton”, scheduled to premiere next year. She will reunite with Kim Hae-sook, who is also appearing in “Strong Girl Nam-soon” and work with Woo Do-hwan, Oh Jung-se. Expectations are high on Lee Yoo-mi’s performance in her future projects.

Source: Daum

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