Stray Kids is the winner of Mnet’s Kingdom!

Fans of the JYP’s boy group – Stray Kids are bursting with happiness when the boys have won “the legendary war”!

After 2 months, Mnet’s Kingdom finally found the owner for the winning crown. It’s the JYP’s boy group – Stray Kids. The group has always shown diverse concepts as well as unlimited possibilities. 

The JYP boys easily defeated the remaining five teams thanks to their talent, efforts, and enthusiastic support from fans. 

Let’s take a look at the group’s impressive performances on Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’!

Stray kids

The group’s rankings at Kingdom:

  • Intro: #1 
  • 1st round: #1
  • 2nd round : # 5
  • 3rd round: # 1
  • Final: # 1

In addition, according to what has been announced by the program before, Stray Kids – the winning group at Kingdom will have a reality show and a special promotion week called “KINGDOM WEEK“.


Source: Mnet

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