Stray Kids’ Fans Sent Protest Truck to JYP, Complains about Styling

On January 3, a topic titled “Protest truck for Stray Kids arrived at JYP Headquarter” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, and attached with it are various images of this truck. 

According to fans, Stray Kids have been suffering from various styling issues for a long time, with confusing clothing and poorly-done makeup. Even the group’s hairstyles are unacceptable, if not completely bland and ill-fitted for their concepts. 

stray kids

As a result, fans sent the protest truck to complain about Stray Kids’ styling issues and demand JYP to pay more attention, with messages such as, “Improve Stray Kids’ hairstyle. Caked hair, split bangs, oily hair, stiff hair, 5:5 partings, need to be OUT”, “The hair stylists and makeup artists who only worsen the members’ appearance, need to be OUT. They are souring the fandom’s mood”, “Stray Kids’ styling is stopping us from watching fancams. The hair and makeup team need to be OUT”, and “There’s no saving their stylists. Change Stray Kids’ stylist”.

Stray Kids-car

However, JYP has remained silent regarding the issue so far.

Below are some comments from Korean netizens: 

  • This truck should make a stop at my bias’ company as well
  • I have never wanted to cheer for a protest truck so bad
  • Don’t they have the same stylists as NMIXX? That side is unacceptable too, I get the fans’ feelings
  • Stray Kids used to have decent styling, I wonder what happened. 

Source: KB, theqoo

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