(G)I-DLE is criticized for their messy new choreography

Many have showed their disappointment after watching (G)I-DLE first comeback stage.

Recently, (G)I-DLE have had their comeback with the 2nd mini album “I made” with the title track “Senorita”. Different from the strong and alluring image from the previous title tracks “LATATA” and “HANN”, they now pursue a grown-up and sexy concept this time.

MV “Senorita” – (G)I-DLE

On the same day, (G)I-DLE had their first comeback stage in front of the media at their showcase. Apart from the fact that Shuhua – the Taiwan member – has an extremely little line in “Senorita”, the choreography this time also disappoints K-Pop fans.

They think the dance for this song is quite weird and messy. Another reason which made the performance seemed imperfect is the clear difference between each member’s dance skill. While leader Soyeon and Soojin showed off their strong and clean moves along with perfect stage presence, Yuqi and Mina was criticized for their soulless moves. Shuhua and Miyeon was also bashed for their lacking in dancing skill.

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…while Miyeon (center) didn’t dance too fast just once…
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… but multiple times.

Seeing the difference between (G)I-DLE’s dance skill, netizens commented that the members should practice more to synchronize their moves. If they can’t improvise, (G)I-DLE then would be back to 4Minute’s situation where a member is too excellent and overshadow all her teammates.

Sources: k14

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