Lee Kwang Soo’s sharing in the past made fans so sad!

Lee Kwang Soo once said that he would never leave Running Man, unless the show came to an end!

The news that Lee Kwang Soo officially left Running Man after 11 years of sticking due to injury made the fans of the show extremely regretful.  During the several years, Lee Kwang Soo was one of the most attractive factors on the show.  This is a huge shock to fans of Running Man.  No one had expected that the actor would leave this show.

Previously, when there was an interview with Ilgan Sports, Lee Kwang Soo shared with the audience the true meaning of this reality show in his heart.  When the reporter asked how long he would stay in Running Man, the actor affirmed: “Unless the program comes to an end, I want to stay on the show indefinitely.”

Furthermore, “Giraffe“ also expressed that he has no interest in being a fixed cast member on any variety show except for this show. As for his 2018 variety appearance on Netflix‘s Busted!, the actor shared that he was only on it because of Running Man

 I ended up being on that show because of a connection from Running Man.

Lee Kwang Soo

It seems that this is a difficult decision for “Prince of Asia” when he has to leave the reality show he has been with for 11 years.  Hope he will have some time to rest and fully recover soon to return with the audience through the upcoming projects.

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