Stray Kids drops new group and unit teasers for their comeback with mini-album “ODDINARY” , stimulating fans’ curiosity 

Stray Kids will make a comeback on the 18th of this month by releasing their new album “ODDINARY” and the title song “MANIAC”.

Boy group Stray Kids raised fans’ curiosity about their new album with their expressions in the newly released comeback teaser.

Stray KidsOddinary Maniac Teaser

JYP Entertainment released the 3rd group and unit teaser images for Stray Kids’s new mini-album “ODDINARY” on their official SNS channels at 0 o’clock on March 12th.

The teaser photos showed the members revealing both chic and mischievous charms at the same time, proving them as the “concept master”. The boy boasted their hip energy with eye-catching styling of colorful outfits, heart goggles, and fur hats, as well as captivated the hearts of fans with their powerful eyes. In particular, the ‘smiling emoticon’ props in the background were broken and cracked, creating a different feeling.

Stray KidsOddinary Maniac Teaser

The new album’s title song “MANIAC” was once again jointly made by the group’s producing team 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han) and songwriter VERSACHOI, who worked on Stray Kids’s representative song “God’s Menu”. With its catchy composition, this song will add a sense of the members’ individual colors to “Maramat genre”, which is considered one of Stray Kids’ strengths. 

Stray KidsOddinary Maniac Teaser

The new album’s name “ODDINARY” was completed by combining two English words, “Odd” and “Ordinary”. With this name, the JYP’s boy group wants to convey the message, “We, normal people, also have some odd sides. In other words, strange things are also ordinary”. Since this is their first mini-album in about 2 years and 3 months after “Cle : LEVANTER” was released in December 2019, Stray Kids is expected to present a well-made work that will add new charms to their strengths as a self-producing group.

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