Chaeryeong “I dreamed of a girl group like Girls’ Generation”… Dissatisfied with ITZY’s concept? (Radio Star)

Chaeryeong mentioned ITZY’s concept on “Radio Star”.

MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star“, which aired on Sep 7th, was decorated as the special episode “Fun! Pull it up”. Jin Sung, Kim Ho-joong, Geum Jan-di, Shindong and ITZY Chaeryeong appeared and shared various stories.

On this day’s broadcast, Chaeryeong looked nervous, saying that she was worried when receiving the offer to appear on “Radio Star”. The MCs then asked her to show individual skills.

Chaeryeong said she had nothing special, but showed off her individual skill by moving her lips and eyebrows freely. Everyone reacted enthusiastically to Chaeryeong’s individual talent.

Chaeryeong smilingly confessed, “I always dreamed of becoming a girl group member. The image of a girl group I thought of was Girls’ Generation, but people kept asking me to make playful expressions. I’m really bad at things like that. I’m still fighting with myself.”

In addition, Kim Ho-joong appeared on “Radio Star” as his first talk show after his military discharge, drawing attention. Kim Ho-joong said, “It’s been two months since I was discharged. I have been away from fans for a while, so I think I should work hard as soon as I came out of the military.”

He continued, “I’m still awkward with cameras. Jin-sung sunbaenim, who is sitting next to me, also talks too long”, expressing his pressure.

Kim Ho-joong then said, “I went freshwater fishing with Jin-sung sunbaenim before. He talked for more than 10 minutes in front of the fish. What we should enjoy while going freshwater fishing is catching fish in silence, but I could only catch a fish after several hours”, drawing laughter.

Jin-sung said, “Ho-joong is my favorite junior. I used to give him an allowance. I took out 200,000 won from my wallet and gave him”. Kim Ho-joong added, “Sunbaenim took care of me a lot. He gave me allowances, side dishes, and healthy food. That’s why I bought him the suit he is wearing on the show today”, creating a warm atmosphere.

Kim Ho-joong also mentioned his lookalikes. He said, “There are three singers whose body sizes are similar. That’s Shindong hyung, Kim Tae-woo hyung and me. When I showed only my silhouette on a program, everyone thought I was Shindong. Even our hairstyles look the same”, making everyone laugh as they confirmed the resemblances right on the set.

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