K-drama actress who is giving birth next month shares current whereabouts of her body 

This actress is about to become a mother. 

On September 7, actress Jeon Hye Bin shared a new photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Today felt so good. Wearing yellow makes me feel like a walking melon.” The photo shows Jeon Hye Bin at an exhibition about prenatal education.

On this day, she showed off her D-line body in a yellow dress and a tweed jacket, drawing attention. Her noticeably large baby bump signals that her due date is just around the corner. 

In addition, Jeon Hye Bin boasted gorgeous beauty in the last phase of her pregnancy. Although she was covering half of her face with a mask, her small face and large eyes still stood out.

Netizens expressed their surprise at the lovely visuals of the pregnant actress and left comments of support under her photo such as, “There’s no melon that is this pretty”, “Pretty mom. Always be healthy”, “It must be hard for you in the third trimester”, “So pretty”, “How is your body?”.

Jeon Hye Bin received many congratulatory messages earlier this May when she announced the news of her pregnancy after three years of marriage. She married a dentist who is two years older than her in 2019 and is due to give birth in October.

After debuting in the girl group LUV in 2002, Jeon Hye Bin turned to acting and starred in dramas such as “Another Miss Oh”, “Revolutionary Sisters”, “Gunman in Joseon”, etc. 

Source: wikitree

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